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Art is subjective. If you’re contemplating of collecting or decorating your home with art, learn what you loveThe scope of Meamar’s stylistic expertise ranges from classical to abstract. From Italy to California, many a blank wall has come to life under the artist’s brush, skill and sensibility. His expertise for classical design and ancient fresco technique has graced private homes with scenes from the Renaissance period or Greek mythology. As an artist who has had the privilege to study in Italy with some of the greatest artists of this century in classical, modern and surrealist styles, Meamar draws upon his knowledge to add great breadth to his unique style. He finds new techniques to eloquently express his ideas, utilizing the mixed media format to be found in many of his pieces. A fond disciple of color, his works are never bland or sterile. He often prefers to use the dynamic color range of acrylics, casting them against paper backgrounds with plentiful use of light. One will always feel a positive emotion from these efforts, which reach across at many levels so that anyone may perceive it. In his latest collection, Meamar prints the image of one of his frescoes onto a wood panel in lieu of primer, turning it into a piece of his history as an artist. He then paints over it, creating a new history out of which emerge pieces of the past, in the form of a hand, a face, or an eye. In addition to the traditional five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, Meamar depicts other senses of beauty, balance/harmony, motion and temperature, as well as a sense of time.. 


Meamar's Interior Architecure & Design Firm

Ali Meamar, well-known artist, brings fine art & creativity into architecture & interior Design. 


 "I go to great lengths to reveal the appropriate feeling for a piece, transforming any interior into a magical environment. The results are breathtaking.

I am most moved by patrons who express awe and praise for my work, when they do not realize I am the creator."

-Ali Meamar-


After months of hard work we now have a bulletproof solution that will offer our customers the best solution.

Creative Interior Designer with 16+ years of progressive experience in interior designing Known for providing effective design support to team members. MEAMAR offers a full range of design services allowing he to work on a variety of projects whether a single room or a complete residence for remodeling, renovations or a new construction.   He has an extensive network of  architects, contractors, artists and vendors to collaborate with to provide interior design solutions from early planning stages through furnishings.   He has a detailed oriented thoughtfulness that is apparent in his projects. Meamar has the expertise to create a variety of interior environments that maybe contemporary, transitional or modern.  As an underlying  philosophy, he strives in understanding the characteristics of the space and draws inspirations from the outside environment to mimic picturesque views or bring in lavish textures that would make the interior environment unique.  

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